Dave Bauer founded Bauer Business Solutions to help businesses reduce their overhead. While working in corporate management for over a decade and participating in analyzing the spending of multiple acquisitions, he found that most companies are spending far more than they should be and often times getting lower quality service for that higher price tag.

Bauer Business Solutions is designed to help business flourish in good economies and survive in economic downturns. While in corporate management, during the recession of 2008, he helped save the organization tens of thousands of dollars. In fact in a single deal he saved $40,000 and got better service.

Dave now prefers to work as an independent consultant as this allows him to focus on his philanthropy too.

Dave founded a nonprofit called Lightforce One making lasting differences in the world. Lightforce One is currently working with an orphanage in Uganda that has over 500 children as well as 200 women in a women’s empowerment group. They want to increase capacity to 700 children. He was moved to start Lightforce One after funding a well and irrigation system there so this orphanage could grow more food.

When Dave saw the picture of a 40 foot hole with water in the bottom, he knew that he had just made a lasting difference in the lives of almost 1,000 people and that the world was now a better place for his having existed. The feeling was completely indescribable. So, he formed Lightforce One for two reasons. One reason was so that he could do more work than his money alone could do, and the other was to enable donors to experience the same thing that he felt when he saw that picture.

There are numerous other organizations in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania that are seeking assistance from Lightforce One. Dave also plans to begin working with the Lakota on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota this year.

10% of all of Dave’s net profits go to Lightforce One.